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Metal Envelope Doors

Metal Clad Envelope Doors


Protec Building Products, Metal Clad Capped and Enveloped Doors manufactured with high moisture resistance (HMR) particleboard core, clad with 0.9mm galvanized steel, bonded with contact adhesive with capping or folded over edges for concealed fixing.


Other envelope doors can be manufactured with channels over the edge and face of the door. This method is, making the HMR particle door then covering it with 0.9 zinc anneal steel, bonded with contact adhesive, allowing 10mm to edge of the door for site adjustment. Metal clad doors can be made with various stainless steel, colorbond, and any other metal sheeting to provide a continuity of the existing decor and façade of the building or special design requirement. In addition they can provide higher resistance level of weathering as well as preventing forced entry and vandalisms