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Standard Terms And Conditions Of Sales

1. All deliveries to be to one nominated location to be unloaded and allocated to the correct position by others, frames supplied loose & doors to be delivered on pallets or chucks for fork lift access.

2. All hardware supplied by others unless noted to the contrary in quotation. Hardware deemed to include but not limited to screws, seals, or any fixings unless noted otherwise.

3. No allowance made for the supply or installation of final cylinders unless noted to the contrary in quotation.

4. Standard payment terms are 30 days from the end of the month from which any invoice or claim is dated.

5. All items remain the property of Protec Contracting P/L and Protec Building Products P/L until such time as payment is received in full as per Tax Invoice or Progress Claim as issued by PC or PBP and reserves the right to remove any items supplied or installed that have not been paid for in full. PC or PBP may elect at it own discretion to delay and/or cancel any further deliveries or works to any customer deemed to have not traded within our terms & conditions or has become insolvent or bankrupt (voluntary or involuntary) or is deemed to be unable to make any payments.

6. All access to be provided by others, No allowance made by PC or PBP for the supply/usage of any scaffold, scissor lifts or any other hard or otherwise non standard accessible works.

7. No allowance made for any out of hours work unless noted to the contrary in our quotation.

8. No allowance made for any protection of works or theft of any material from site of products supplied by PC or PBP.

Protec Contracting P/L PC or Protec Building products P/L PBP abbreviations in singular or plural use has the same meaning.


Standard Door Warranty

Subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, all doors Supplied by Protec Contracting P/L or Protec Building Products P/L, are guaranteed for One (1) year from the date of receipt. Doors are guaranteed to be good material and workmanship, free from defects which render them unserviceable or unfit for the use for which they were manufactured.

Terms And Conditions

Natural variations in the texture and colour of the wood used in door manufacturing are not to be considered defect. Doors must be accorded reasonable treatment by the purchaser and should be stored in dry buildings, off the floor and not in any moist, damp or freshly plastered areas. The utility or structural strength must not be impaired in the fitting of the door, the application of hardware, or cutting and altering the door for lights, louvres or any other special details. Please refer to the manufacturer if unsure.

Normal show through of frame components in flush doors shall not be considered a defect, as per the relevant Australian Standard.

Due to the varying nature of the materials, the junction between timber edge strips and the door is subject to movement and any gap caused shall not be considered a defect. After priming all junctions should be filled and sanded to ensure an even surface. Filling and sanding are a fundamental part of the painting process.

Immediately after fitting and prior to hanging, the entire door including top and bottom edges must receive two coats of paint, varnish or other acceptable sealer to prevent undue moisture absorption.

Gloss paint finishes should not be used on Block board doors.

Exterior finishes shall be used on exterior door and doors exposed to direct sunlight must be finished with light reflective colours to avoid undue heat absorption. Failure to follow these recommendations may result in the delamination of the door faces and/or severe warping or twisting, rendering the door unserviceable.

The manufacturer will not assume responsibility for doors that become defective because of the failure to follow these recommendations or for other hazards after doors have left the control of the manufacturer.

Doors must be inspected upon arrival for visible defect and all claims based thereon must be filed immediately.

The manufacturer agrees to replace or repair, at its option, unfinished and in the form originally supplied and without charge, any door found to be defective within the meaning of this guarantee.

The manufacturer is not liable to reimburse any purchaser for doors repaired or replaced without the prior written acceptance of same.

Warp And Delamination

A warp not exceeding 5 mm on doors up to 2134x914, or 6 mm on doors over 2134x914 and up to 2400x1200 shall not be considered a defect. Doors above 2400 high are not guaranteed against warp.

Warp shall be interpreted as meaning the cupping or twisting of doors. It refers to distortion within the door itself and not to its relationship to the jamb or frame in which it is hung.

Warp exceeding the tolerances noted above shall be considered a defect only when:

1. When cupping is determined by applying a straight edge to the concave face of the door or

2. When twist is determined by placing the door face against a true plane surface.

The guarantee against warp is void under the following conditions,

1. Doors are faced with veneers of a different species.

2. Doors are improperly hung or do not swing freely.

3. External doors that are painted dark colours.

4. External doors without awning and protection such as metal sheeting.

Normal wear and tear that has damaged the door cannot be considered a defect.

Please contact the manufacturer immediately if excessive warping occurs so as they can be of assistance in overcoming the problem.

All claims under this guarantee shall be in writing notifying the date and place of purchase and shall be forwarded to the manufacturer.

Protec Contracting P/L

Protec Building Products P/L