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The Company
Protec Doors Pty. Ltd (ABN: 64 102 467 461) is a wholly owned Australian Company established in 2002 as a service provider to the Building & Construction Industries. Protec Building Products Pty Ltd (ABN: 48 148 159 586) is a wholly owned Australian Company, which was established on the eve of the 10 year anniversary of business, to carry out the manufacturing of Steel frames, Fire Doors and Solid Core Doors.
Mission Statement
To provide quality manufactured products and service by setting new standards of excellence in terms of craftsmanship, industry knowledge and customer service to all clients of the building and construction industry, by continuous improvement of our People, Products and Performance, to maintain our core value of “Service of Excellence”
Vision Statement
To be a leading manufacturer of quality products to the building and construction industry within Australia and beyond, with highly efficient and profitable operations, by focusing on Continuous Improvement Programmes to validate and support our “Service of Excellence”

Protec Doors Pty Ltd
Manufacturer, Supplier and Installer of
Metal & Timber Frames, Fire Rated Doors, Solid Core Doors, and Supplier of Honeycomb Doors, Sliding Fire Doors, Acoustic Doors, Radiation Doors, Ballistic Doors, Access Panels, Hardware.

Protec Doors, with its 25 years of experience, offers a complete solution to builders and renovators for their needs in quality doors, windows, and other fittings for businesses and homes in Sydney  New South Wales. We source only high-quality materials and select environmentally friendly door products as the door supplier in Australia. Our quality is always guaranteed because we own the manufacturing facility. A full range of contemporary designs and doors is available. We also manufacture doors and windows by using the latest technology. With our manufacturing capabilities, we’re able to meet the demands of our customers.

Aside from offering competitively priced products, we offer a great range of door products, including custom made products, so that our customers have many choices. A comprehensive warranty and reliable service complement this.

Innovations take on many forms. We pursue continuous improvement through continuously improving technologies applicable government bodies such as CSIRO and recent consumer codes.

Protec Door offers a door solution for every building project in its 25-year history as a  sydney door manufacturer and supplier. Due to our vertical integration, we are in an enviable position to control and oversee critical supply points across our entire manufacturing process. We oversee and monitor our product’s quality and artistry. By having a robust logistics network.

In addition to manufacturing doors and frames in Sydney, Protec Doors also provides hardware, hinges, locks, and more, ensuring that customers always receive best products available.

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As a company, we are committed to service above all. Our high level of personalised service hasn’t changed even as we have grown into the premier retailer in Australia’s doors industry.

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The principles upon which we build our brand include individuality, materiality, creativity, function, and reliability. In contrast, Protec Doors design imperatives and technological advances are our allies. Customer relationships and supplier relationships are our biggest strengths.

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