Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors are manufactured to prevent noise spread. It retains sound attenuation between spaces and rooms through proper installation of Acoustic Doors.

The frames and door sets come with a full set of sound rated acoustic insulation, hardware and seals in conjunction with wall.

Acoustic Doors produced by Protec Doors are smoke, fire and sound resistant. It can be manufactured by using selected grade of timber veneer face combined with steel door frame, concealed seals and threshold plates. The stated combination can be achieved up to STC 39, with sound measurement test reports from testing authorities.

Our acoustic doors are incorporated with resistance level according to AS 1530.7: 2007, AS 6095, and AS 1191: 2002.

For client’s ease Protec Doors offers additional service of installation of doors & frames via qualified and professional installers.


  • Suitable for general use.
  • Can be supplied with or without a frame.
  • Can be glazed.
  • Softwood or hardwood frame.
  • Automatic drop seal to the base of the door (optional).
  • The aluminum threshold for soft floor covering.


Acoustic Doors can be used in recording studios, schools, music halls, executive meeting rooms, and apartments. Acoustic doors used in hotel rooms can achieve up to RW 46 rating. Limited RW-rated vision panels can also be incorporated into a single door or double door leaves and can be delivered with a high glossy finish with selected veneers.