Sliding Fire Doors Manufacturers Sydney

Sliding fire doors are suitable to meet the aesthetic requirement of contemporary architecture. They are the excellent solution provider in terms of managing fire risk by complying with the Australian regulations AS 1905.1-2015. 

These doors are designed to maximize the use of traveling, space, or movement of equipment in commercial and industrial buildings. These doors can be configured as Single, Bi-Parting, and Multiple Leaf and can accommodate Wicket door for personal access.


  • Smooth sliding doors with fire resistance.
  • Offers the highest level of safety.
  • Anti-rust, fireproof primer with fine steel plate finish.
  • Inclusive of transparent access panels (optional).
  • Counterweight with the magnetic holder or optional auto-closing system.


  • Residential and commercial building complex.
  • Medical buildings, nursing homes, and hospitals.
  • Shopping centers and car park construction.
  • Warehouse, factories, and plantation.
  • Educational institutions, universities, and colleges.
As all sliding doors have counterweight assembly and can be driven by an approved electric mechanism. They can be installed with soffit or wall mounted track depending on the headroom and the number of tracks required. Our sliding fire doors are available with fire retardant infill material formed for reliability and integrity.