Solid Core Doors Sydney

A solid core door manufactured by Protec Building products are made with Hardwood, Finger Joint Pine framing and medium density particle board infilled core either with MDF, Duracoat or Plywood face in various thickness. The solid core infill makes the door lightweight making it a perfect option for interior designers and architects. We use a lightweight core for easy handling and hanging of doors and comply with the standards laid out in AS 2688-2017.


  • Paint Grade Ply: It is durable and can be used for both internal and external undercover with little preparation prior to painting.
  • MDF & Durocote: It can be used for both internal and external use & allows you to paint the faces with minimum preparation.
  • Particleboard: Sound properties making it highly demandable in commercial building or areas where durability and strength is required.


  • Has good acoustic properties.
  • High moisture resistance properties.
  • Has durability, reliability, functionality, security and strength.
  • Edge strips to protect doors in voluminous traffic areas (Internal or External).
  • Vision panels, Kick plates and metal sheet faces.
  • Air relief grille openings.
  • Availability of Bi-fold and multi-fold options.
  • Framing options of side hung, Sliding and folding in single or double combination.

Solid Core Blockboard

Solid Core Blockboard Doors are perfect fit for external use. These doors are manufactured with solid Pinus blockboard formed with short lengths pine glued together to form a core with Plywood face in various thickness and selected grade of timber veneers which can be used for clear staining finish. They are solid throughout and therefore do not require perimeter frame and can be edge striped for maintenance and repairs.


  • Highly robust, versatile with higher security.
  • Can be resized, modified without disrupting their structural length.
  • Stable panel which can be machined to even thickness.
  • Gloss paint are not recommended for this type of doors.
  • Lightweight easy to install and transfer.


  • Ideal to be used in commercial, industrial, and residential applications throughout Australia.
  • Highly used in offices, warehouse, school, residential units, shopping centers and hospitals.
  • Theatres, recording studios, auditoriums, and other entertainment spaces.

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