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WPC Doors Vs Wooden Doors

WPC Doors Vs Wooden Doors

WPC Doors Vs Wooden Doors: Which is Best for Home?

There are significant differences between traditional wood doors and modern composite doors to be aware of if you’re seeking to renovate your house without affecting your home’s aesthetics.

Composite doors are composed of different materials. Wooden doors on the other hand are solely composed of wooden materials. Being made up of a singular material, wooden doors can’t compete with the exceptional level of performance offered by the Composite Doors.

Being manufactured via new techniques and equipment, the composite doors tends to possess the excellent qualities of traditional doors while eradicating their shortcomings.

Wooden products without any doubt are well suited for classic or heritage properties. This is the prime reason why many highly sought-after aesthetics homeowners tend to use wooden doors as their interior and exterior doors. 

Talking about WPC Doors vs Wooden Doors, there are arguably many factors to consider while deciding the best fit for your home. But first, we need to understand each one of them individually and analyze their characteristics and benefits.

We will also take you through the comparison of WPC Doors vs Wooden Doors and help you decide on which one’s best for your home.

WPC Doors

WPC Door

WPC, short for Wooden Plastic Composite is a type of door that is a unique composition of wooden materials and thermoplastic(s).

WPC doors are usually eco-friendly, non-toxic, and display high durability and strength. These types of doors can be used both as interior as well as exterior doors.

The Wooden Plastic Composite Doors help you enjoy your new entry doors’ modern performance without compromising on appearance. 

The specialty of Wooden Plastic Composite or WPC Doors is that being eco-friendly these doors can easily be recycled.

Outstanding Features of WPC Doors 

There are outstanding features of WPC Doors that make them unique from other types of doors like uPVC Doors, Aluminium Doors, Glass Doors, or Wooden Doors that are created with a singular material.

Below mentioned are some of the excellent characteristics displayed by the WPC Doors:

1. The WPC Doors can be easily cleaned with water. These types of doors are waterproof and moistureproof, making them suitable to be used as external doors.

2. These doors are antibacterial, anti-corrosive, and insect-resistant meaning they can’t be damaged by bugs.

3. The Composite Doors have high strength and durability.

4. It can persist over a prolonged period of time (20-25 years).

5. It can be painted on and hence you can customize your interior doors easily with smooth finishing. 

6. It is eco-friendly, doesn’t create second-grade pollution, and can be recycled.

Pros and Cons of WPC Doors

WPC Doors have more benefits than they have drawbacks making them your first choice when purchasing doors. 


  • 100% eco-friendly in nature
  • High Strength
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easily Customizable
  • Last longer
  • Light Weight Structure
  • High Temperature and Moisture Resistance 
  • Nontoxic 
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Stands high moisture and humidity levels


  • Does not have a natural wood structure
  • Less resistant to high temperatures than wood doors

Applications of WPC Doors 

Composite doors being a combination of different elements create a stylish and robust front and back door for your property. The Wooden Plastic Composite Doors or WPC Doors combine different materials like timber, uPVC, and laminated door skin to deliver high quality doors that last a significant amount of years.

The WPC doors can be seen being used in office apartments, commercial buildings, residents, and hospitals. 

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are traditional doors made up of wood. These are comparatively heavy and need regular maintenance.

Wooden Doors

These types of doors are durable due to which they are often used as entry doors in residences. Additionally, wooden doors can be seen being used as interior doors as they enhance the appearance of the room. 

Though wooden doors do not have much variety and aren’t as dynamic as modern composite doors, their strength and natural wood looks are the factors why homeowners still prefer them to the date. 

Wooden Doors are as well 100% eco-friendly and do not generate any kind of pollution. These doors have been in use for ages and continue to be used with new advancements.

Types of wooden doors, including Solid core doors, Solid wood doors, and hollow core doors, can be used everywhere. 

Features of Wooden Doors

Among uPVC Doors, Aluminum Doors, Composite Doors, and Glass Doors, Wooden Doors can be seen used more frequently as interior and exterior doors. Wooden Doors are indeed ideal types of doors for internal and exterior doors. 

Here are some of the astounding features of wooden doors:

  • Exceptional strength and durability
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Noise Insulator
  • Fire Resistant
  • Provide more security 

Pros and Cons of Wooden Doors


  • Wooden entrance doors look fabulous. Wooden doors have a natural touch.
  • Wooden Doors are incredibly strong, sturdy, and durable.
  • These types of doors last long if maintained properly.
  • Wooden Doors are excellent natural insulators (PS: they provide great soundproof qualities). 


  • Wooden Doors need more maintenance 
  • Could be attacked by bugs and insects 
  • Expensive
  • These are heavily weighted 
  • Repairing isn’t possible in case of major damages
  • Replacement is hard and more time consuming
  • Low resistance to moisture and temperature changes and hence one may be required to think twice before using them as entry doors of their property.

Wooden Doors Application

Wooden Doors are the most common types of doors being used in almost every area including:

  • Home
  • Schools
  • Health Sectors
  • Commercial Buildings, and more

WPC Doors Vs Wooden Doors: Cost

While appearance may be important for some homeowners, the cost is the main concern for a maximum of them. They prefer doors that are of good quality and comes under their budget. 

When it comes to the price of both types of doors, WPC doors tend to be a bit expensive than wooden doors.

While wooden doors are as well made up of different qualities of wood, some of the high quality doors made out of wooden materials like timber can cost higher. 

Additionally, while the initial cost of wooden doors is cheaper and that of high quality WPC doors is higher, wooden doors need comparatively more maintenance and hence the ongoing maintenance may result to be more expensive. 

The WPC Doors are new inventions and their production is limited as compared to other wooden doors hence its price is accordingly more expensive.  

WPC Doors Vs Wooden Doors: Better Noise Reduction

In regards to noise reduction, both wooden and WPC doors excel as compared to other doors in the market. 

However, composite doors will retain their noise reduction property over time, wooden doors wouldn’t. 

WPC Doors Vs Wooden Doors: Security & Safety

While wooden doors are strong and sturdy and provide better safety and security, they are prone to damages due to weather changes and attacks by bugs. 

The same isn’t true with composite doors. Though they provide lesser safety than wooden doors, their life expectancy is comparatively higher.  

WPC Doors Vs Wooden Doors: Installation & Replace

Being light weighted, composite doors are much easier to install and replace. 

Wooden doors on the other hand are heavier and hence harder to install and replace. 

WPC Doors Vs Wooden Doors: Durability & Flexibility

Wooden doors are undoubtedly durable but we can’t really assure you about their flexibility; they are sturdy after all.

On the other hand, high quality WPC Doors exhibit excellent flexibility. While they are less durable than wooden doors, they are less susceptible to external forces and hence last longer. 

WPC Doors Vs Wooden Doors: Which is Best for You?

So now that we have understood quite well about both types of doors, which one is the best?

Well, it depends on your needs! 

If you are into a better presentation of your property, more artistic, love antique looks, require better insulation, and maintenance isn’t really a problem then a wooden door is for you.

 But if you’re driven by modern looks, want to customize your rooms along with doors, need a door that lasts longer and needs less maintenance, then WPC Door is for you.

If you’ve made up your mind to explore an array of wooden doors then don’t forget to contact Protec Doors Pty Ltd. We’re just a call away and are always here to help you.

Lastly, know your needs and you’ll be crystal clear about the door that’s best for you. 

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